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Kalsang-Dawa-Tibet -International Day of the Dead 2015

Kalsang Dawa grew up in Lhasa where he has painted traditional Tibetan art since the age of 14. He later moved to Dharamsala where he studied a rigorous thangka painting program under Master Artist, Venerable Sengye Yeshi, the former personal painter of the Dalai Lama. In 1998, Kalsang moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada where he currently lives with his wife and daughter. He has been a faculty member at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 2004. Kalsang has exhibited his work at galleries and museums including The Royal British Columbia Museum, STM Art Gallery at University of Saskatchewan and Saint Norbert Arts Centre in Winnipeg, among others. His work has been commissioned by private collectors internationally. The Museum of Anthropology at UBC commissioned a Mandala of Compassion in 2009. Kalsang teaches painting workshops throughout North America in the US and Canada and is the founder of Lapiz Healing Arts, a multidisciplinary school utilizing sacred art and traditional healing methods.





“Remember me”



ocean-breath-yoga-granville-island-day-dead-exhibit-cultural-art-vancouver-1“Remember me” was displayed at Ocean Breath Yoga, 
1521 Foreshore Walk Maritime Market, Van., BC








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