South Korea | Jace Junggyu Kim

South Korea | Jace JunggyuKim

SOUTH KOREA - Jace_Junggyu_Kim A skull with magnolias

This piece is painted with random brush strokes extracting my emotions. They are spontaneous and momentary but sustained in the skull. I as an artist and also an immigrant who has experienced the two different cultures, clearly understand the idea of repression and social awareness. The abstract is a sign of freedom provided from experiencing the various cultures and the figurative flower, magnolia is a sign of ‘better being’. Skulls are often symbolized as ‘death’ but I want it to be ‘life’ with the symbolism of magnolias as if I were to celebrate the death as another form of blossoming and rebirth. This paradoxical implication works along with the juxtaposition of the skull and the flowers.






“A skull with magnolias”



kroma-acrylics-granville-island-day-dead-exhibit-cultural-art-vancouver-1“A skull with magnolias”,   Jace JunggyuKim art is being displayed at Kroma Acrylics,

1649 Duranleau Street, Vancouver, B.C.









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