Mexico: Richard Kent


México | Richard Kent



Whit a heart, to continue living, to continue beating.
With wings, to embark upon the journey, to raise the flight.

Like the nocturnal butterfly, that represents the boundary crossing,
to another world, to the intangible and the unknown.

Between the duality of good and bad, of light and shadow.
Not one or another, but both at the same time, just in the center
Of the limits.

The sun, the red, the Mayan symbol of fire, to represent hell.
The moon, the blue, the Mayan symbol for air, to represent paradise.

Between the duality of the good angel of the right,
And the bad angel on the left.

And finally, with the face upfront, with all the teeth, smiling at dead.






Devil May Ware

“Duality” by Richard Kent is being exhibited at Devil May Wear, 110-1666 Johnston St (The Net Loft) on Granville Island.




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