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international-day-dead-exhibit-granville-island-carlos-colin-MEXICO-art-culture-diversity-vancouver-yvr-Canada- (1)Carlos Colín was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1980. He grew up in Mexico City. He studied Visual Communication and Design (2000-2004), and a Master’s of Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Art (UNAM) (2009-2011), in Mexico City. He recently completed a second Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC (2011-2013), and is now pursuing a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. His research consists in investigating how contemporary art, artists, and art institutions are involved in current social movements and, by extension, how art contributes to social change and social activism in Latin America. As a Latin American artist, Carlos Colín brings perspectives on the discourse of how art evolves inside societies, how it finds expressions, and how art changes over time, as well as the implications this has for Latin America.







“Genealogy of The Tzompantli”

ten-thousand-villages-granville-island-day-dead-exhibit-cultural-art-vancouver-1“Genealogy of The Tzompantli” was displayed at Ten Thousand Villages, 1660 Duranleau St., Vancouver, B.C.











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