Mexico | Ari De La Mora 


ari-de-la-mora-artist-vancouver-british-columbia-art-canada-2016-painting-women-west-coast-east-coastAri De La Mora is an artist born and raised in Mexico who is now based in Vancouver, Canada. She has had an interest in art since she was a young girl. She recalls the dreaming of becoming an artist, spending countless hours drawing and painting. She holds a degree in Advertising with a specialization in Creative Visualization. When she moved to Canada she started to collaborate with the Vancouver Art Gallery as a tour liaison with school groups, getting more involved with the process of appreciating and creating art. De La Mora has taken several painting courses and classes at Emily Carr Institute, however, most of her learning process has come from exploration and practice. She analyzes symbols from traditional handcrafts and Latino culture. The focus of her work is females, conveying their feelings and expressing the emotional intensity of their experiences.

“Day of the Dead has always been my favorite Mexican holiday , I have always enjoyed melancholic images. I find them mysterious and beautiful in an unconventional way.”




“Mama Icha”


craft-house-granville-island-day-dead-exhibit-cultural-art-vancouver-1MAMA ICHA was displayed at the Craft Council of British Columbia1386 Cartwright St., Vancouver, B.C.









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