England | Susan Hilman

Susan Hillman - England - International Day of the Dead 2015

I am a retired visual arts professor (for over 3 decades at Emily Carr University) now living and working on Bowen Island, B.C.

I received a BFA in Painting from Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, England during the 1960’s when British Pop and Abstract Painting were new and rapidly developing genres within popular culture.

1968 – 1970 I worked as a freelance illustrator for The Sunday Times magazine in London, and Esquire magazine in New York. I moved to N.Y. where the most radical abstract painting was happening at that time.

Abstract Painting, with its rich and diverse history of over 100 years, remains my choice of focus. I view painting as a perfect visual metaphor for life, which can create meaning through the handling and viscous nature of its virtually unchanged materials. I believe that nonobjective abstract painting is best able to comment on the nature of reality itself because….. it is nothing other than what it is – it is paint!





“Uncle George”




“Uncle George” was displayed at  ieCreative, 1399 Railspur Alley,Vancouver, BC












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