Canada |  Jennifer James 

Jennifer-James-CanadaJennifer has studied and practiced sculpting with clay for 19 years, beginning with exploring sculpture with Vancouver potter Debra Sloan at the Shabolt Art Centre in 1995. Her private studies in hand-¬‐building and wheel techniques began in 1997 with master potter Ping Kwong Wong. She continued to nurture her passion for hand-¬‐building while mentoring with Debra Sloan from 1999-¬‐2005. In 2005, Jennifer moved to Tonga and Fiji for four years where she enjoyed studying local pit firing techniques, learning traditional handicrafts and taking art classes at the University of the South Pacific. The inspiration Jennifer draws from her experiences in the islands is reflected in the South Pacific symbols and kesakesa designs she has incorporated into many of her pieces since returning to Canada in 2009. Since coming back home, Jennifer enjoyed a further three years of mentoring with Debra Sloan. In 2013, Jennifer became the director of studio operations for the North Delta Potters Guild, which is where she currently creates her pieces, overseeing kiln firing and slip and mystery glaze production, and maintaining the safety and procedure manual and website. With her son now in school, Jennifer plans to build a backyard studio in 2015, devoting herself to her passion for sculpting with clay.



“The Medicine Woman”




“The Medicine Woman” was displayed at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, 1359 Cartwright St., Vancouver, BC












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